Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 summer program is canceled

Nathalie Guiganti. I hold a masters in language sciences and teaching of languages and have taught French as a foreign language since 1993 in secondary schools (overseeing French language programs and as a certified DELF tester) as well as in private firms and with the Université de Lorraine (CRAPEL-ATILF-DEFLE). I am in charge of the educational seminar of the Summer Courses. Since 1995, I have trained teacher candidates preparing for the CAPES in the area of foreign language pedagogy. I have 20 years of experience with the Cours d’Été.
I have also worked abroad in a number of universities, in Spain, Mexico and Morocco. I am currently teaching Spanish and have authored the book : Trait d’Union 2 (French for non-native speakers), Clé International, January 2005.

Anne Cécile Guillot. Titulaire d’une maîtrise en Français Langue Etrangère, j’enseigne au sein de différentes structures universitaires (Science-Po, ICN Business School) et en entreprise. J’interviens au Cours d’été de Nancy depuis plus de 15 ans.

Liliane Magnien. I hold both a doctorate in French language and literature as well as a masters in philosophy. I have taught literature and philosophy at the secondary level and am now teaching at the Université de la Culture permanente.

Catherine Pelletier. I hold a Master's degree in Germanic, Scandinavian and Slavic literatures and civilizations. I have written a number of articles in the area of ethnolinguistic studies of human and especially national stereotypes.
I taught French as a foreign language for 18 years in a number of different settings abroad. I held teaching positions in universities, private industry and in associations in France, Switerland, Luxembourg and in Brazil.
I am a speaker of English, Polish and Portuguese.
I have been a member of the team of the Cours since 2003.

Philippe Bruant. I hold a doctorate in Geography and am a passionate teacher, lecturer and guide of my city, Nancy. I spent my entire childhood and my teen years on Place Stanislas. In addition to all of that, I am a tour group leader for forts located around Toul as well as for a number of major battlefields of the First World War. I have also written a number of books about that conflict.
Last publication : La Bataille du Grand Couronné, Editions Gérard-Louis, 2014, and Mes guerres en culottes courtes Place Stanislas, Editions Gerard Louis, 2018.

Benoît Hérique. Born and raised in Nancy, Dr. Ben Hérique has been a French teacher at Ashbury College, an independent school in Ottawa, since 1984. Prior to that, he was a physical Education teacher for three years at Saint Michaels university School in Victoria, B.C. He also taught in the United States, Switzerland and France. Besides teaching and since 1973, he has organized and led led sixty European Tours during his school holidays, principally for the French Ministry Education and Ashbury College.
He holds a Doctorate in French literature and civilization from the Sorbonne, has a Master's in French as a modern language and a MA in English, and Bachelor's degrees in French as a Foreign language, French Linguistics, and English from Université de Lorraine. He is certified to teach French and ESL in Ontario and Quebec. He was a swimming instructor/coach and a rugby coach/referee both in France and Canada. In 2010, Dr. Hérique was awarded one of France’s prestigious academic awards, "Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques", by the Government of France for his teaching and promotion of French culture through education.

Emmanuel Hérique. A native from Nancy, Dr. Emmanuel Hérique is a professor of French language and linguistics at the University of Victoria, Canada since 1982. He holds a Doctorate in French and General Linguistics, Master's and Bachelor's degrees in French as a Modern Language, Linguistics, and English, plus a BA equivalency in Arabic, all from Université de Nancy II, France (now Université de Lorraine). Since 1985, he has co-led most of the "Tour de France" and "French Summer Schools in Paris" educational trips for Ashbury College, an independent school in Ottawa, Canada.
Emmanuel is also an accredited Conference Interpreter for the Canadian Federal Government, and a Certified Translator. His working languages are French and English. He also studied Japanese language and culture at the University of Victoria, followed by a 10-month stay in Osaka, Japan, where he returns frequently. He received fellowships from Bourguiba Institute in Tunis, Canada Research Council, and the Japan Foundation. He is certified to teach English in the French School System, and enjoys the practice of aikido.

Gilles Losseroy. Director of the Cours d'Été : I hold a doctorate in French language, literature and culture, and a certificate in Educational Media-FFL (CAREL, Royan). I teach Performance Studies at Université de Lorraine and direct a theatre company called La Mazurka du Sang Noir. I run theatre workshops for highschools and universities around the world, eg Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, Germany. I have designed an integrative approach using theatre in the teaching of French, and put it in practice each year in the theatre workshop of the Cours d'été. I started teaching French grammar and literature in the Cours d'été in 1988.
- Literary studies: see!repertoires-publications/c1bdj
- Cultural and FFL studies:
"Un été à Nancy : la didactique sur les planches" in Le Français dans le monde, 237, Nov.-Dec. '90.
"La Fontaine sur scène" in i Le Français dans le monde, 273, May-June '95.
"Théâtre en A.P.P. [Atelier de Pédagogie Personnalisée]" in i La Formation se met en scène, Centre Info, 1996.
"Le Cinéma en Indonésie" in La Revue du cinéma, 433, Dec. '87.

Michel Manel. With an MA in Geography I am a teacher accredited with the French Ministry of Education, and a musician. I teach highschool and also assess and mentor young colleagues who want to enter the profession. I graduated from the Conservatory of Music in Theory, Solfege, and Euphonium, and currently play euphonium solo in the Band of the city of Metz. I have taught Civilization, and French media and press at the Cours d'Été in Nancy for over 25 years.

Charles McCreary. Charles McCreary: I have been a professor of French (language, literature and culture) at Indiana University of Pennsylvania for nearly 30 years. My areas of interest include French literature of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. I have been involved with the Cours d’Été for nearly 30 years and am now teaching the translation course.

Lauria Helene . Previously actress, I studied acting, writing and staging at the Higher School of Dramatic Art in Paris (ESAD-Paris). I also have a master's degree in Journalism from the Higher School of Journalism (ESJ-Paris) and a Master 2 in Theater Studies at La Sorbonne Nouvelle University) and I am specialized in theatrical creation in conflict zones and /or war. I work as a professor of French mainly abroad in Alliances françaises or Instituts français (Israel, Czech Republic or Poland). I am the holder of the DAEFLE and am certified assessor for DELF and DALF.

Noémie Valerio. I hold a MA in French Language and Literature as well a MA in Classical Studies . I teach French as a Foreign Language and English in a program for migrants at Emmanuel Héré HighSchool in Laxou.

Fabrice Sand. I hold a Master’s degree in French as a Foreign Language didactics, and a Bachelor-level degree in Italian Language, Literature and Civilization. I started working for the Cours d’Eté more than 20 years ago before living abroad and teaching French as a foreign language in places such as the Alliance Française in Monterrey, the Centro Universitario de la Costa de Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, or the Institut français in Barcelona and the Escola de Idiomes Moderns de l’Universitat de Barcelona, Spain… Nowadays, I am a French as a foreign language professor and a member of the English board of examination during the « Atout+3 » entrance exam at ICN Business School.
I’m back at the Cours d’Eté since 2018 and also teach « Français Langue Seconde » (FLS) in the framework of a didactic unity for allophone students, project manager to support disabled students. I am fluent in English, Italian and Spanish.

Association Summer Courses for Foreign Students

A linguistic and cultural program elaborated under the authority of a board of 13 professors of the Université de Lorraine in Nancy and 5 specialists of French as Foreign Language and International Relationships