Our association Cours d’Été pour Étudiants Étrangers is made up of 18 active members, 13 of whom are professors of the Université de Lorraine. Our Board of Directors and current president, are responsible for putting our programs into place.

President : Professor Jean-Pierre HUSSON, Professor of Geography at the Université de Lorraine, titular member of the «Académie de Stanislas»

Secretary : Dr Laurence KOHN-PIREAUX, Senior Lecturer in Comparative and General Literature at the Université de Lorraine.

Treasurer : Ms Lorraine CHAUMONT, Administrative Assistant at the ICN Business School in Nancy.

Assistant Treasurer : Dr Françoise VIRY-BABEL, Medical Doctor at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nancy.


Dr Lucie KEMPF, Senior Lecturer at the Université de Lorraine, director of the LLCER Russian degree program.

Dr Philippe BRUANT, Doctorate in Geography from the Université de Nancy, historian and lecturer.

Pr Patrick CORBET, Professor of Medieval History at the Université de Lorraine.

Dr Alain LITAIZE, Lexicologist , specialist in Lorraine-Roman dialectology.

Association Summer Courses for Foreign Students

A linguistic and cultural program elaborated under the authority of a board of 13 professors of the Université de Lorraine in Nancy and 5 specialists of French as Foreign Language and International Relationships