This summer, learn French in France!

Every summer since 1930, the Nancy summer courses for foreign students has welcomed students from all over the world for intensive language study courses ranging from one to four weeks in length.

This is a great chance to combine study with fun in a city of 45,000 university students. Learn French at the same time as you discover France and its culture!


Our courses are taught by university professors specialized in teaching French to non-native speakers. The course content is adapted to your level, whether you are a complete beginner or a teacher of French in your home country.

Our more advanced students may select from a number of options in the afternoons: conferences, linguistic workshops or drama workshop. We also put the most advanced tools at your disposal such as a Wifi connection on campus and in your residence.


In addition to our courses, many cultural excursions are a part of your stay with us, such as the weekend trip to Paris, our weekend in a region of France and excursions to discover our region, La Lorraine. In 2021 : Bordeaux and its vineyards, with a visit and wine-tasting at the Château Fourcas Hosten (Listrac-Médoc) property, discovery of the Saint-Emilion village and the spectacular Dune du Pilat ascent.

Evening and weekend get-togethers are also a part of your experience with us. You will take part in barbecues, film showings or short trips to nearby regions.


You will discover the rich architectural heritage of the XVIIIth century for which Nancy is figured on UNESCO's list of world patrimony.

Nancy is also a capital of the Art Nouveau style which you can appreciate throughout the town or in one of our many museums.

Above all else, Nancy is a modern city, well known as a major center of culture for France, admired for its festivals, its Opera and its Centre Chorégraphique.



Director’s word

Gilles Losseroy

«I joined the Summer Courses in 1985 as a professor of grammar and literature. I became the Director in 2014.

After a “FLE” (French Foreign Language) training at the CAREL of Royan, I went to Indonesia as a professorand I elaborated a teaching method based on theater as a pedagogical media. As such, I keep on leading the Drama workshop of our Summer Courses.

My everyday activity during the rest of the year is divided between teaching at the University of Lorraine and directing plays. Our team of experienced professors, who are specialists in teaching FLE, our student-organizers and myself really wish to guide you through the discovery and the practice of French; beyond that, we want to share our passion for the French culture in its geographic, scientific and artistic diversity.»

Gilles Losseroy, Director of the Summer Courses


Association Summer Courses for Foreign Students

A linguistic and cultural program elaborated under the authority of a board of 13 professors of the Université de Lorraine in Nancy and 5 specialists of French as Foreign Language and International Relationships