Theatre - a real-life way to learn

The drama workshop, which is available to students participating in the full three-week program is a fantastic and fun way to learn French.

With approximately 20 hours of contact-time per week, you will gain a first-hand knowledge of stagecraft:

  • physical training

  • improvisation

  • interpretation

Under the guidance of professors specialized in second-language acquisition, you will have the chance to work on different aspects of language:

  • pronunciation

  • textual analysis

  • comprehension of vocabulary and clarification of grammar

  • confidence in speaking

  • French language and culture

You will also participate in the media coverage of the show (interviews with journalists, radio show...)

Please keep in mind that the theater workshop will only open depending on the number of participants to this Summer Courses session.

At the end of the session, students will perform in public and in French in a local theater and will be directed by Gilles LOSSEROY, director and university professor, manager of the "La Mazurka du Sang Noir" Theater Company and director of the Summer Courses.


Association Summer Courses for Foreign Students

A linguistic and cultural program elaborated under the authority of a board of 13 professors of the Université de Lorraine in Nancy and 5 specialists of French as Foreign Language and International Relationships