Law and International Trade French

With our Theater workshop, this Law and International Trade Workshop is the other originality of our program. This course, meeting 6 hours per week in addition to on-site visits of two hours each, will allow you to learn about the business world in France.

The subjects studied are selected by a consensus between the professor and the students and can be explored in depth with visits to local organizations.

Financial Considerations
  • the banking system: creation of money, banking operations, types of credit
  • international payments: charges, balance of payments, international exchange
  • economic integration...
The company
  • strategic planning
  • culture and identity of the company
  • marketing and selling
Le commerce
Legal considerations
  • the French legal system
  • commercial law
  • laws governing companies
  • labor law
  • labor and commercial law disputes
Le droit
Administrative considerations
  • business correspondance
  • new forms of communication using the internet

Association Summer Courses for Foreign Students

A linguistic and cultural program elaborated under the authority of a board of 13 professors of the Université de Lorraine in Nancy and 5 specialists of French as Foreign Language and International Relationships